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Vulnerability Assessment

Scanning and Reporting on IT Infrastructure (Network, Firewall, Servers etc)
ProMinds will assist your organization by performing the Vulnerability Assessment on your network and other critical network components. ProMinds works closely with your team from the Project Initiation to the closure.
The detailed activities include:
Information Gathering of all the assets in the network with the help of your team.
Identifying the Critical Assets in the network.
Performing the Vulnerability Assessment on the Identified Critical Assets using the best tools in the Industry.
A Detailed Report containing the vulnerabilities found, corresponding risk category, Impact and the solution to fix the vulnerabilities will be provided.
Facilitating your team in Understanding the VA Report.
Verifying the closure of the vulnerabilities after the fixing the vulnerabilities mentioned in the report.
Providing an Executive Management Report with the status of the Vulnerabilities in the Network.
Further, ProMinds will provide additional service, with mutually agreed terms and conditions after the successful completion of Vulnerability Assessment. These services include:
Periodic Vulnerability Assessment on the Network.
Vulnerability Assessment Training.